BIOJUVE Launch Event
Drug Updates

Crown Aesthetics Announces Launch Expansion of BIOJUVE™ Living Skin Biome Care into the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Germany

Crown Aesthetics (“Crown”), a division of Crown Laboratories, Inc., is excited to announce the launch of its newest innovation, BIOJUVE™, in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany, the largest aesthetic market in Europe. BIOJUVE is a novel skin biome brand that uses a clinically-proven, living microbe technology to optimize the overall skin biome and lead […]

Hospital Updates

Patients with Big Broad Faces and Facial Asymmetry Can Reshape Their Faces Without Surgery: Study

Masseter hypertrophy is mostly idiopathic, rare, and occurs with no cause. It is an enlargement of one or both masseter muscles. Many of the patients develop this enlargement of the masseter muscles, because of having bruxism or teeth grinding during sleep. This makes the lower face become very broad and alters the proportion of the […]