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Manasthali Offers Mental Health Support for Women in the Corporate World

As working women struggle to balance their personal and professional lives, they often face psychological issues like stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotional distress. To support these women, Manasthali has launched a mental well-being initiative that includes a range of mental health programs and resources tailored to meet the unique needs of women in the […]

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Staying Active is a Priority among Gen Z but Bad Food Habits and Mental Health Issues Remain a Concern

A recent health survey conducted by Jindal Naturecure Institute involving participants from Generation Z & Millennials (age group 15 – 29) revealed that while the majority (90%) of Zen Z participate in physical activities every day of the week, 38% indulge in junk and fast food consumption at least twice a week. Equally concerning is […]


Mimblu Launches ‘Mimblu At Work,’ offers Mental Health Program for Workplaces

India’s first asynchronous text-based app for mental healthcare, Mimblu, has recently launched ‘Mimblu At Work.’ This new feature offers enterprises and organisations tailor-made mental health plans and will help companies to monitor, motivate and enable better stress management mechanisms in the workplace.  42.5% of the Indian private sector employees deal with anxiety or depression. Currently, […]

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100% of participants concluded that workplace stress has an adverse effect on employee mental health 

As National Stress Awareness Day is observed today, Genius Consultants Limited has published a survey that reveals that an absolute 100% of the participants accepted that workplace stress can have an adverse effect on employee mental health and reduce work efficiency. A total of 1380 headcounts participated in the Genius Digipoll Survey which was conducted […]

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GenZ & Millennials made nearly 70% calls to AXA France Vie India Reinsurance Branch’s 24X7 Free Mental Health Helpline in 6 months

AXA France Vie India Reinsurance Branch’s free 24X7 Mental Health Helpline, in partnership with Manas Foundation, New Delhi-based NGO AXA France Vie India Reinsurance Branch’s free 24X7 Mental Health Helpline, in partnership with Manas Foundation, New Delhi-based NGO, registered over 1000 calls for mental healthcare support, since its launch. The top challenges encountered by the […]

Mental Health launches stress relief kit; provides holistic management of anxiety issues, India’s popular e-commerce platform offering nutrition, healthcare, and self-care solutions, has introduced a Stress Relief pills that have the goodness of natural ingredients including Ashwagandha and St John’s Wort extracts that are traditionally known to play a vital role in controlling stress levels and boosting complete wellness of one’s mind and body. These pills […]

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MediBuddy records a 48% increase in consultations relating to mental health

MediBuddy, India’s largest digital healthcare platform, witnesses a 48% increase in mental health consultations in the last three months. As COVID-19 cases continue to surge with the advent of a new variant, mental health concerns amongst individuals also rise parallelly on the digital platform. The data reflects consultations recorded twice more often in men than […]

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SIRIO’s Nutra-Innovation Team tackles global surge in demand for novel mood and stress health formulations

SIRIO Group’s global Nutra-Innovation Team is rapidly intensifying efforts to create new formulations in different delivery formats for mood and stress relief. The team’s focus follows a year of global lockdowns in which consumers faced significant challenges. This has led to a rise in demand for products that enhance personal health and wellness – mind and body – […]

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Coping with COVID – In the aftermath- By Dr. Disha Parikh

The author of this article is Dr. Disha Parikh, Consultant Psychiatrist, The Beautiful Mind Clinic The COVID-19 Pandemic has waged an outright war against humanity causing significant morbidity and mortality. However, even after the fight has been fought those who have recovered from COVID have show to have lasting mental health effects. Post COVID stress […]