Digital Health News

FoodTech Start-up Moves Cell-Cultured Seafood Closer to Nature

Ashdod, Israel – With the dawn of the cell-cultured seafood making waves, a new player has landed. FoodTech start-up Forsea Foods, Ltd. announces it has brought this novel concept closer to natural perfection through its patented organoid technology.Previously used in developmental biology, medicine and research, organoids are stem cell-derived, three-dimensional tissue structures that when used […]

Drug Updates

ABG+® Aged Black Garlic Moves Into Gummies Space

Madrid – In response to growing supplement and food trends, Pharmactive Biotech Products, S.L.U. introduces Aged Black Garlic+ (ABG+®), with a sweet, “social” flavor that is odor-free and thus suitable for functional gummies. The science-backed ingredient delivers wellness benefits and won’t stimulate reflux the way fresh garlic can. Grown from a special variety of garlic, […]