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Nutrizoe launches Innovative dissolvable oral strips for pregnancy, periods, and nausea

Introducing a paradigm shift in drug delivery worldwide, dissolvable oral thin films (OTTFs) are a fast-emerging dosage alternative set to revolutionize the over-the-counter industry. Bringing the efficacy of these quick and effective solutions to the domain of women’s wellness in India, India’s first women-focused nourishment brand Nutrizoe, has launched three different sets of Oral Strips: Nail […]

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The author of this article is Dr. Vimee Bindra Whether it’s menstruation or menopause, talking about periods or sex after delivery has often been a taboo subject. Menstruation, or getting your period, is a normal and healthy part of life for most women. However, it’s still stigmatized in many places. We have the freedom of […]