BIOJUVE Launch Event
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Crown Aesthetics Announces Launch Expansion of BIOJUVE™ Living Skin Biome Care into the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Germany

Crown Aesthetics (“Crown”), a division of Crown Laboratories, Inc., is excited to announce the launch of its newest innovation, BIOJUVE™, in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany, the largest aesthetic market in Europe. BIOJUVE is a novel skin biome brand that uses a clinically-proven, living microbe technology to optimize the overall skin biome and lead […]

Eternalyoung anti-aging vegan gummies by Monteloeder, S.L.
Drug Updates

Monteloeder Lifts Beauty-from-Within Space with Vegan Gummies

Monteloeder, S.L., a subsidiary of SuanNutra, the nutraceutical division of Suanfarma, introduces a delectable new twist on its Eternalyoung® anti-aging botanical blend. The company is incorporating a vegan, fruit-flavored gummy into the brand’s mix of four plant-based ingredients to elevate the experience of this skin care solution. Eternalyoung is the result of extensive research and […]