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The Apollo Foundation ties up with the Adani Foundation On Dr Prathap C Reddy’s 89th birthday

With inclusive healthcare at their core, the Apollo Foundation and the Adani Foundation announced a two-year tie-up for healthcare programmes at the Adani Krishnapatnam Port. The social partnership will extend from 5 February 2022 to 31 March 2024. The tie-up was announced on the 89th birthday of Dr Prathap C Reddy, Founder-Chairperson of the Apollo Hospitals Group.

The Apollo Foundation’s Total Health programme has a mission of creating wellbeing for all individuals from womb to tomb. It will establish health units for diagnosis and treatment and provide technical assistance towards community screening and referrals across the health continuum in the port region. The Adani Foundation intends to infuse holistic quality healthcare services into their CSR activities in Krishnapatnam. Total Health will support more than 50,000 residents in and around the port town.

The programme is based on the principles of medical care at the international level, and is implemented by people who understand the context and the community. The aim is to capture data through a household survey, to understand and document the health, socio-economic, and demographic status of the population. Based on the findings, the community will be offered tools to improve their overall wellbeing. These will range from diagnostics and treatment to counselling and lifestyle changes.

The Arrjava Warrior (ASRA) program will also form a part of the community outreach. Arrjava Warriors are people from the community who bridge the gap between the medical team and lay people. They will be trained in yoga, first aid and basic life support (BLS), and will provide

community referrals to the health units. Health data analysis and management will be an on-going activity around the port.

“I am delighted by the tie-up with the Adani Foundation, which is not just between two foundations, but also between two families that believe in philanthropy,” said Dr Prathap C Reddy, Founder-Chairperson of the Apollo Hospitals Group. “We started Total Health in Aragonda, took it to Amrabad, and are now taking the easily replicable model to Krishnapatnam. I do hope that in the future, our Total Health cycle of screen, diagnose, treat, educate, and empower, will reach every village in India”

“The Adani Foundation’s purposeful initiatives to make healthcare available and accessible in Krishnapatnam will be greatly strengthened by this partnership with the Apollo Foundation’s Total Health programme,” said Dr Priti G Adani, Chairperson of the Adani Foundation. “I believe that the synergies arising from the experience and expertise of both Foundations, supported by best-in-class technology, will benefit the community members’ health in a holistic manner.”

“We at Apollo are elated to announce this tie-up with the Adani Foundation on our founder’s birthday,” said Upasana Kamineni Konidela, Vice Chairperson CSR, Apollo Foundation. “For him, Total Health is the realization of a lifetime of learning, giving, and receiving. The idea is to enhance the overall health and economic status and thereby the quality of life of the people in the Adani Krishnapatnam Port.”


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