The CK Birla Hospital® performs highest number of successful surgeries through Vacuum Assisted Breast Biopsy in North India

   The CK Birla Hospital®, successfully treated a 26-year-old patient by removing a 10cm breast lump through an innovative tissue biopsy sampling method. Vacuum-Assisted Breast Biopsy (VABB) is an innovative and more effective alternative than the traditional method of biopsy where benign lumps are removed surgically, leaving scars and causing distress. VABB enables removal of the smallest of the benign lumps without leaving scars and causing disfigurement of the breast.

    VABB can be used under sonographic, mammographic, and magnetic resonance imaging guidance. It gives the best possible histological sampling and aids avoidance of unnecessary operations. Although, VABB has complications such as hemorrhaging, but it could be controlled by the post-procedural compression and bed resting. It is a reliable sampling technique and patients don’t need to tolerate it much.

    The young patient was having a lump in her breast since the last four years which gradually started increasing in size. On consulting the doctor, she underwent a biopsy which resulted in the presence of cancerous cells. She was diagnosed with fibroadenoma. Fibroadenomas comprise almost 50% of all breast biopsies in young women. A team of doctors led by Dr. Rohan Khandelwal at the Breast Centre of CK Birla Hospital®, Gurugram, recommended the VABB treatment to avoid scarring on the breast. The fibroadenoma lump was removed through a minimal 2mm incision.


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