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These Tough Times Can Be Made a Lot Easier – 5 Simple Tips by Life Coach Ashna Dhanuka

The pandemic can be a stressful time no matter where or how a person is. Even with the safety of staying home and social distancing, there will probably still be some mental fatigue and anxiety regarding the whole situation. But there is one thing everyone should absolutely remember, no one is alone in feeling this way.
Ashna Dhanuka, a renowned life coach and motivational speaker, talks about things one can do to soothe one’s mind and stay motivated even during such times.
1. Do not overthink about the future
The pandemic has forced people to feel they have little control over the situation. And it is natural to feel so with all the things that are happening around. Everyone has questions about what lies ahead in the future. But the key here is being mindful about the present. Focus on what one can do with the resources that are available. There is no point in overthinking about things that people have no control over.
2. Keep oneself occupied
Being occupied, doesn’t mean working all the time. It is about keeping the mind relaxed and exploring new things. Many people have taken up new hobbies during the pandemic. This definitely helps the mind stay positive. There are tons of things one can do in the confines of their homes. Take an online course, read a book, learn a musical instrument, try to cook new recipes, pick up something that has been on the bucket list for a long time.
3. Focus on yourself
The only silver lining to this pandemic is that everyone has had ample time and opportunity to think about themselves. This is probably the best time for one to take a step back and self-audit. Assess where they stand in life, know about one’s strengths and weaknesses. Plan a course of action to achieve what they want to in the future. It’s time for a little ‘me-time’.
4. Take rest and exercise
Don’t underestimate the power of proper rest and regular exercise. To be mentally and physically as healthy as possible, a person needs to focus on three things – regular exercise, adequate sleep and eating right. Any good doctor would agree with this point. Mental health and physical health always work in tandem. Establishing a routine with these habits will help one stay healthy and find some normalcy during this time.
5. Look out for positive things

While the majority of stuff that a person may see or hear during the pandemic is saddening, one needs to focus on the positives. People have been able to spend more time with their families, one could focus on self-care, more opportunities to take up hobbies or pet-projects. Differentiate between work and the rest of the day. Monitor how one is spending their time and focus on good things rather than the bad.
Ashna Dhanuka believes that along with COVID-19, there is a silent mental health pandemic that is taking over people. It is important to recognise this and take action. She is out there helping people find their confidence and staying motivated even in the toughest of times. As a life and confidence coach, Ashna is a certified professional who guides people on how to smoothly deal with stress and anxiety and teaches them to always have a positive outlook in life.
She also takes one-on-one coaching, corporate workshops, motivation seminars and has many courses to help people navigate life. Her unique ‘Self-Audit’ approach is the reason behind her incredible success story. She aims to reach out and touch as many lives as possible with her upcoming book on the same topic. This book will be a guideline for anyone who wants to grow and stop feeling stuck in life. Check out her courses or reach out to her on ashnadhanuka.comThis is a syndicated feed from Business Wire. Trade News Network is not responsible for any claims made in this story.


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