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Toyota Tsusho and Tokai Corp join hands to launch Valabhi Hospital Services in India

Toyota Tsusho Corporation, a global trading company within the Toyota Group, and Tokai Corp, a specialist in hospital linen supply and medical peripheral businesses in Japan, have announced the launch of Valabhi Hospital Services in India. The joint venture aims to revolutionize hospital linen management and offer improved hygiene in healthcare institutions. Valabhi Hospital Services will offer comprehensive end-to-end linen management services to hospitals in Bangalore initially, and plans to expand operations to other cities and neighboring states soon.

The venture brings in the technology and philosophy that Tokai Corp has developed over the last 69 years for infection control in Japan. Valabhi Hospital Services aims to offer hygienic laundry and linen management services without compromising on quality and reliability. The solution provides linen rental model to free the hospital management from capex expenditure, RFID tag system for ease of ground level staff, and end-to-end linen management service to avoid any disconnection between person to person. As the Indian government prioritizes healthcare infrastructure, Valabhi Hospital Services is confident that its services will help safeguard patients and staff from the risk of infections.

Hospitals rely on their linen services staff to ensure that patients have access to hygienically clean linen and uniforms at all times. With contaminated linens posing a potential source of cross-contamination, it is crucial to improve operational procedures for HAI prevention, including the management of hospital linens. Valabhi Hospital Services aims to become the go-to solution for hospitals in India by providing secure, high-quality clinical and infection-control services. As a comprehensive hospital outsourcing company, the venture aims to reduce hospitals’ capital expenditures, improve infection control quality, and enhance operational efficiency. The joint venture between Toyota Tsusho Corporation and Tokai Corp plans to revolutionize the hospital linen management industry in India.


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