Person sneezing illustrating the importance of the “Stop Sneeze to Wheeze” initiative in combating Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma
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Uniting to Combat Respiratory Diseases: The Role of Awareness in Managing Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma

The “Stop Sneeze to Wheeze” initiative by Alkem Laboratories Ltd comes at a crucial time as the world observes Allergy Week. This campaign is aimed at raising awareness about the coexistence of Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma – conditions that often occur together and affect millions of people across the globe.

Allergic Rhinitis, commonly known as hay fever, is an inflammatory condition that affects the nasal passages. This condition is usually triggered by allergens such as pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and mold spores. If Allergic Rhinitis is not treated, it can progress to asthma, which is a chronic respiratory condition characterized by inflammation of the airways and heightened sensitivity to triggers.

The coexistence of these conditions results in unique challenges as they interact and exacerbate each other’s symptoms. This, in turn, leads to a distressing cycle of respiratory difficulties that severely impact a person’s quality of life.

Mr. Sudipta Roy, President, Head – Acute business at Alkem Laboratories Ltd, sheds light on the issue by stating, “The incidence of asthma and Allergic Rhinitis is on the rise within the general population, with a significant number of newly diagnosed patients experiencing both upper and lower airway symptoms. Recent estimates suggest that approximately 60 to 78% of individuals diagnosed with asthma also have concurrent Allergic Rhinitis.”

Alkem Laboratories, in collaboration with healthcare providers, has designed the “Stop Sneeze to Wheeze” initiative to be a comprehensive awareness campaign that includes a series of awareness drives, camps, and clinics. The campaign aims to educate the public and patients on the importance of seeking medical advice for persistent nasal symptoms or recurrent respiratory issues, recognizing common triggers, adhering to prescribed treatment plans, and considering allergy testing.

Additionally, Alkem points individuals to the Healthy Lungs portal as a credible source of information on lung diseases. Through these efforts, we can empower individuals to take charge of their health and promote early diagnosis and effective management of these coexisting conditions.


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