Doctor and medical staff at Apollo Spectra Hospital celebrating successful treatment of a patient with intestinal tuberculosis.
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Unmasking Intestinal Tuberculosis: Apollo Spectra Hospital’s Pioneering Achievement in Medical Diagnosis and Treatment

Apollo Spectra Hospital in Pune recently treated a rare case of intestinal tuberculosis in a 37-year-old patient named Anil Gupte (name changed for privacy). Led by Dr. Samrat Shah, the team worked tirelessly to diagnose and treat the condition after the patient came in with an unrelenting fever of over ten days.

Initially, tests for malaria, typhoid, and dengue were conducted, all of which turned out negative. Subsequent tests for autoimmune diseases and abdominal sonography also didn’t identify the cause of the patient’s fever. The medical team then performed a colonoscopy and endoscopy, revealing ulcers in both the large and small bowels, which typically indicates Crohn’s disease.

However, a biopsy showed that Crohn’s disease was not the cause, leading to further investigations. The medical team, under the expert guidance of Dr. Shah, then tested for tuberculosis, which came back positive. The patient was diagnosed with intestinal tuberculosis, a rare form of the disease that affects the intestines instead of the lungs. Upon initiation of the treatment, the patient’s health improved significantly.

This case is a significant milestone in the field of healthcare, highlighting the importance of in-depth investigation in medical diagnosis, and the potential to treat even the most uncommon diseases.


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