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US-based active health and wellness company ‘Nutrabolt’ enters the Indian market; forges strategic partnership with Nutraprep

In an unprecedented move set to revolutionize the sports nutrition space in India, Nutra Prep, a startup in the health and wellness sector, has inked a strategic deal with the globally recognized Nutrabolt. The agreement, which centers around the manufacturing and distribution of Nutrabolt’s popular ‘C4’ and ‘Xtend’ products in India, symbolizes a landmark moment for the industry.

Nutra Prep, under the guidance of industry veteran Amit Dhirwani, has earned exclusive rights to manufacture and market the ‘C4’ and ‘Xtend’ brands in India. Notably, ‘C4’ is a top-tier producer of smart energy drinks and pre-workout supplements, while ‘Xtend’ has carved a niche for itself as a leader in muscle recovery electrolytes and hydration drinks.

Capitalizing on the strategic partnership, Nutra Prep has partnered with Bright Performance Nutrition to facilitate the exclusive omni-channel distribution of ‘C4’ and ‘Xtend’ products across the Indian market. The collaboration promises to unlock easy access to authentic, premium, and international-quality nutritional supplements at affordable prices for Indian fitness enthusiasts.

Echoing the enthusiasm surrounding the alliance, Amit Dhirwani, Managing Director of Nutra Prep, emphasized the far-reaching implications of the partnership. The deal not only brings premium international products to Indian consumers at affordable prices but also aligns with the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative.

The partnership underscores Nutra Prep and Nutrabolt’s commitment to delivering the best to their customers. It sets the stage for exciting growth within India’s sports nutrition industry, with Nutra Prep and Nutrabolt paving the way for a balance between international standards and local innovation.


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