People participating in the Blood Donation Drive at Vegas Mall
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Vegas Mall Organises Blood Donation Drive: Be a Hero, Donate Blood

In an impressive display of community solidarity, more than 80 individuals came together at Vegas Mall, Delhi, for a Blood Donation Drive. Organized in collaboration with the Rotary Blood Bank, the event sought to address the critical need for blood donations.

Vegas Mall, a hub for shopping and entertainment located in Sector-14, Dwarka, provided an ideal venue for the drive. The mall’s vibrant setting and wide-ranging amenities served as an inviting backdrop for this significant event.

Rotary Blood Bank’s contribution was indispensable, with its blood donation bus and a committed team facilitating the donation process, ensuring that donors had a seamless and safe experience.

Speaking about the drive, Mr. Ravindar Choudhary, VP of Vegas Mall, mentioned, “We are thrilled to host the Blood Donation Drive at Vegas Mall and contribute to the noble cause of saving lives through blood donations.” He highlighted the significance of community involvement in making a positive impact on lives.

The event was characterized by the motto, “Be a Hero, Donate Blood.” This simple yet powerful message encapsulated the spirit of selflessness and the importance of community contributions in saving lives.

As the event concluded, it left an enduring mark, not just through the collection of blood donations, but also by strengthening bonds within the community and fostering a culture of giving and empathy. Through such initiatives, Vegas Mall and the Rotary Blood Bank are paving the way for a more compassionate society.


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