High Potency Sterile Injectable Manufacturing - WuXi STA unveils a fully automated facility for producing high potency pharmaceuticals, ensuring safety and quality.
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WuXi STA Debuts Its First High Potency Sterile Injectable Manufacturing Line at Wuxi City Site

In a significant step towards addressing the increasing demand for high potency pharmaceuticals, WuXi STA has unveiled a first-of-its-kind high potency (HP), fully automated sterile injectable manufacturing line. Located at its drug product site in Wuxi City, China, this line enhances WuXi STA’s manufacturing capabilities, with an annual production capacity of 12 million units.

Designed with stringent quality assurance in mind, the new manufacturing line utilizes fully enclosed isolation systems and automated filling machines. This design reduces human intervention and potential cross-contamination, ensuring the highest quality sterile products. In addition, the company adheres to the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) guidelines, ensuring the utmost safety of operators, the environment, and product quality.

Looking towards the future, WuXi STA has set its sights on further expansion. By 2024, it plans to add two more injectable manufacturing lines at the same site. This move highlights the company’s dedication to supporting the pharmaceutical industry’s evolving needs and enhancing global health outcomes. Dr. Minzhang Chen, Co-CEO of WuXi AppTec and CEO of WuXi STA, affirms this commitment, saying, “With our proven track record of consistent quality and EHS systems across all sites globally, we are committed to accelerating pharmaceutical development and bringing new therapeutics for patients worldwide.”


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