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ZeoNutra Launches ‘Kids Pride’: Nutrition Milk Powder Supplement in Vanilla flavor for Children

ZeoNutra, one of India’s most preferred nutrition and health supplement companies has recently launched ‘Kids Pride’, a child nutrition milk protein drink powder supplement for kids in Vanilla Flavor. The product enhances immunity, brain development, eye health, and overall growth. The product was available in chocolate flavor earlier, which is favored by children. Kids Pride provides optimum physical and mental growth for growing children.

It consists of 37 vital nutrients & gives the right splash of nutrition required by children for growth & brain development.

The unique mix of prebiotics & probiotics, zinc, selenium, copper, vitamin A, C & E helps support a healthy immune system that keeps the body protected from unwanted pathogens. Kids Pride comes with essential nutrients for a child’s holistic growth and contains linoleic, alpha-linolenic, folic acid & vitamin B12, which support brain development. Also responsible for the repair of the body’s tissues, it strengthens the body. The latest product by ZeoNutra is the perfect mix of good taste combined with various health benefits making children healthier and happier.

Along with that, the product is also composed of lutein, vitamin A, vitamin C that is highly necessary for improved vision and maintains eye health. Kids’ pride makes up for all the lost nutrients in a child’s diet and balances out the much-needed nutrients.


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