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The author of this article is Mr Deepak Sahni, Founder, Healthians

The Corona virus Pandemic has impacted the world and our country in ways we perhaps would not have been able to imagine even a few months ago. In unsure times like these it has now become crucial that we as individuals start being far more responsible for our health and the health of our community as well. Organisations particularly need to take steps for personal safety and care of not only the people around, but also their own employees. We at Healthians are now doing our best to enable individuals and organisations to navigate these uncertain times.

Convenient and accurate testing is of course the need of the hour. To that end and to ensure convenience and the all important social distancing we at Healthians successfully managed to accomplish drive-through sample collections of COVID-19 in several areas.

We also felt it was crucial to reduce the pressure of our front line medical personnel and to that end partnered with Bangalore based Invento Robotics to provide humanoid robots to conduct preliminary test procedures on prospective patients and direct queries to the right department, depending upon their symptoms.

These robots have been placed at Fortis Hospital in Bengaluru and based on the extremely positive feedback to this initiative from hospitals across the country.  we soon expect to see many more at other  hospitals across the country.

Life hopefully will soon be somewhat back to normal with the workforce back to working out of offices and business centres. But what is extremely crucial at this hour is to ensure sanitisation and remain alert. To get ready for this phase, we at Healthians have launched Corp shield- a product specially designed for corporates to help them resume operations smoothly. This is more like a three-dimensional safety service, which includes doorstep healthy screening of employees, creating an awareness and ensuring that a constant monitoring process is in place for the safety of the other employees. The pandemic has definitely taught us a lesson that caring for others is caring for ourselves and that health is the true wealth of individuals and organisations.

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